Friday, January 28

Top Five Reasons To Attend The Pooch Parade

The Pooch Parade is around the corner and I would love to see you there with your furry best friend!  If you still can't decide if should come out or not... here are the Top Five Reasons you should.

5.  You and your dog will meet new people.
4.  You will learn something new about or for your pup.
3.  The treats for both you and your pooch are yummy.
2.  You will have a fun night with your furry companion.
1.  It will show your doggie just how much you love them.

All that is left is to RSVP for this event!  Space is limited so do not delay.  Once the class is fully essembled I will send out the details of the evening.

To RSVP for the Pooch Parade, bark on the link:  Bark!