Tuesday, January 4

"Lost" Dog by Delta Airlines Is Found Dead

Did your travels leave something to be desired this holiday season?  Or did you manage to come and go with no delays, cancellations or major disruptions?  Well the latter of the two was not this case in this story.  On December 22nd Alisa and Brian Miller were flying with their 2 dogs, Nala an 8-year-old German Shepard mix and Princess a Beagle, from San Diego to Frankfurt, Germany.  There was a connection in Atlanta and that is where Nala escaped from her crate sometime in the night.  There was a massive search launched to find Nala and Delta offered $1000 as a compensation for the Miller's.  Unfortunately, Nala's body was found along side I-75 by a road crew and it is said she was struck by a car and died instantaneously.
This is a tragedy to say the least.  How did this dog escape an airport to get out on a freeway?  Is there monitoring of the dogs especially in a lay over situation?  This is not the first time that Delta has lost a dog and I think we can all bet this will not be the last.  Is there no agency that can look into their operating procedures when it comes to transporting pets?  We have to pay enough money to transport our pets that we should be ensured that they safely arrive at their end destination.

My condolences go out to Alisa and Brian Miller for their lost.  It was said that they are of course devastated by news and they have given the $1000 to the Atlanta Pet Rescue.

For the full story, bark on the link:  Bark!