Tuesday, January 11

Food Truck For Dogs

What is more hip right now than food trucks?  That would be a food truck designed for our pooches.  Phydough is an ice-cream and gourmet treat truck cruising around L.A.  Your furry friend can pick from an array of yummy treats such as peanut butter and bacon cookies, duck-fat cookies, red velvet cookies, froi gras ice-cream, cookie dough ice-cream sandwiches or just pick up some frozen cookie dough and make them at home.  These are just a sample, there are so many more and no matter what your dog's taste may be, they will surely have a great treat to satisfy them.
Phydough's prices are not bad, they are no more expensive and on some things less expensive, than a boutique pet store that would sell these items.  The best part is that your dog will LOVE them!
Follow them on Twitter or their own website to find out where they will be next.  I have included that information in the Bark! below.

To find out where the Phydough truck will be, bark on the link:  Bark!