Monday, January 10


Since I announced last week that January is National Training Month, I've been paying attention a lot more to the dogs around me or people around me that really need training.  It is hard to keep my mouth closed when you see people strong arming their pooches and think that is control.  It breaks my heart to watch owners use choke chains and prong collars and give harsh corrections to their dogs.  Where did people learn that giving your dog a major yank on the neck (no matter what direction) will correct their dog and make them listen or stop doing whatever it is that they are doing?  You can severely injure your dog with tactics like this.  The owners of large dogs are mainly who I see, I'm sure they think their dog is too big to feel the correction, but that is not the case.  
I could go on and on about this and how upset I get, but I will get straight to my message.  Please, all pet dog owners, do yourself a favor and enroll in at least one class of training.  My trainings are not just about teaching the basics it is about creating an amazing relationship with your dog.  No matter how you are relating with your dog now, I promise after one session of my style of training, you will have a better relationship with your dog and it is not be so exhausting.
I still have room in my Saturday class that started this past Saturday or I am available for privates.

To learn more about my training, bark on the link:  Bark!