Thursday, January 20

A Life Changing Moment

Yesterday my life was touched and changed all in a matter of minutes when a little after 2:00PM I picked up my foster dog Trapper.  I have agreed to train and foster this little guy as he is very fearful and to the point that he could not be adopted out.  His story is a sad one for sure.  He and his 2 litter-mates were found as very young puppies surviving by old train tracks with no mom in sight.  

The Mutt Scouts rescued them and nursed them to health and even found homes! Everyone thought the story ended there, but sadly it did not for Trapper.  About seven or eight months after adopting Trapper and his sister, the man returned Trapper due to his intense fear.  
This is where I learned of him.  A client of mine and volunteer for the Mutt Scouts contacted me and asked for my help.  After one meeting with this sweet guy, my answer was clear, I had no choice but to foster and train him.  
I brought him home yesterday and I am amazed and what a good dog he is!  He already knows sit and down and is crate trained.  His major issue is of course fear and more specifically, fear of men.  So having my boyfriend here is a huge help to Trapper, though I don't think he sees it that way yet.  He is still very shy around him, but I also am not expecting overnight miracles.  The fact that he will touch him with his nose is big progress.
Our first night went well and today we begin our foundation building.  I already see that he is forming an attachment to me (of course that feeling is mutual) and starting to trust me.  I know the journey ahead of us is a long one, but I also believe it will be the most rewarding of my life and the most important for Trapper... or whatever his name shall be.

I will keep you all updated on the progress as we go.  One thing is for sure thus far, he is extremely easy to love and care for!

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