Wednesday, January 5

What's Up Downtown - January

There is a lot happening to kick off the year.  First off, if you haven't been ice skating in Pershing Square, you still have time, it will be open until January 17th.  Beyond that there are new restaurants on 5th Street (Coronado) and 6th Street (Cabbage Patch), a new salon on 7th Street (Neihule) and a new market on 5th Street (Two Bits Market).  There is of course lots of concerts, theater and art events to attend and some great lectures are coming too.
Today in the Music Center Plaza is the LA Arts Month Kick-Off Festival from 12-1:30 and it is FREE to attend.  To learn more, bark on the link:  Bark!
I hope you find the perfect things to do in Downtown for January.

To view the whole calendar for What's Up Downtown - January, bark on the link:  Bark!