Monday, January 3

National Train Your Dog Month

Happy New Year!  We are now into January and did you know it is National Train Your Dog Month?  What a perfect resolution, to get your pooch trained.  Training is so much more than just simply having your dog mind basic commands.  There is socialization, creating and maintaining a fabulous relationship, having a solid way to communicate with your dog, providing mental stimulation and it provides you with the tools that could save your dogs life.  
The next step after deciding to get your dog in school is deciding what training is right for you, class or private.  Lucky for you I happen to know an amazing trainer that does both, me!  I still have room in my class that is starting on January 8th and I am always accepting new private trainings.  If you just need a few tips here and there, come to my next Pooch Parade class in February.

To learn more about training with Bark & Clark, bark on the link:  Bark!