Wednesday, January 26

Do Pets Have A Sixth Sense?

I talk about dogs having a special ability to communicate to us, that they can tell us things that we may not be aware of or notice.  Is this a sixth sense?  I don't know.  But according to this poll that conducted, over half of pet owners believe that their pet has a sixth sense.

The stories that were told range from dogs warning their owners that one of them is about to have a seizure to their pets predicting a change in weather.  The method in which the pets communicate these predictions or warnings have just as large of a range, anything from excessive barking to cats behaving out of the norm. The one thing that is true in all cases is that the owners believe their pets 100% and in some cases that has saved their lives or at least kept them out of danger.

I believe that our pets can tell us all sorts of things if we listen.  They seem to pick up on things that we often miss.  I don't know if this is a sixth sense or if they are just more in tune with the five they have.  

To read this full story, bark on the link:  Bark!