Friday, January 7

New Year's Resolutions For Pets (And You)!

I received's newsletter yesterday and had a good laugh reading all the New Year's Resolutions for pets.  It is all the things you would love to hear your dog or cat say as resolutions.  Things like a dog promising not to pull on the leash or chew up a shoe and cats not to drink from the toilet bowl.  It is very cute and good for a smile or even a laugh.
At the end of the fun list, they then have a link you click for the resolutions for pet owners.  I may not agree with the advice in all of them, but I think they are all great ideas.  I agree with making a resolution as a pet owner to do better things for your pet, be that more play time or training or just to make more time to spend with them.

To view the New Year's Resolutions for Pets, bark on the link: Bark!

Don't forget to click on the link for the resolutions for pet owners.