Thursday, May 17

Custody Battle For Puggle

The story of the ex's fighting it out in court in a $60,000 custody battle for their adorable Puggle is making news everywhere.  It is certainly the hot story.  For those of you who haven't heard, the story is that Craig Dershowitz got Knuckles (or Knux for short) when he was only a 2-month-old pup and raised him in NYC with then-girlfriend Sarah Brega for three years.  The relationship didn't work out, Brega moved to California and took Kuckles with her.  She claims the dog was a gift and Dershowitz claims the dog was kidnapped and taken without his consent.  Now, Dershowitz is suing for custody of the dog and to date has spent about $60,000. 

This is no rich man we are talking about, Dershowitz is working 3 jobs trying to raise enough money to fight this out and is now taking donations for people that want to help fund his cause.  His ex Brega, according to him, has a wealthy family backing her.

This has come up in so many conversations for me in the last few days and it also has me thinking about my own situation.  You never go into a relationship thinking that it won't work out, but the truth of the matter is, sometimes it doesn't and then what do you do when you have four-legged "children" together?

For me and my boyfriend, this very topic was discussed and decided when we got Neville.  I already owned my cat Cowboy, so he would of course stay with me.  But Neville came to us as a couple, however, I technically adopted him.  So, you guessed it, I would be the one to keep him.  This is not something I like to think about, I hope it will always just be a hypothetical situation.  But, it was important to both of us that we make it clear from the beginning so there is no conflict at the end.

I couldn't imagine having Neville taken away from me without my consent, especially by the person that you shared your life with.  And from the other point of view, I couldn't imagine having Neville and then my ex suing for him after he gave him to me as a gift.  Either way, the dog really looses. 

I am sure that little Knuckles has bonded with both of his owners and will go through abandonment issues and depression loosing either of them.  If the courts decide to now give Knuckles back to Dershowitz, I'm sure it will be very hard on him because he has had all this time to bond one on one with Brega.

Now, how many of you are reading this thinking this is just crazy?  It might be, but I understand it.  I don't want children, so my pets are in a sort my kids.  I would fight for them the same.  I don't know that I would go to this extent, but I also have never been in this situation, so it is hard to know what I would do. 

What I do know, is this is a heartbreaking story because I feel for the dog.  I wish for stability and a safe home for every dog and having so much conflict surrounding him, little Knuckles must be feeling the stress.

I hope whatever the outcome, Knuckles ends up happy and healthy.  I will continue to follow this story and bring you updates.  There was a great interview in Dogster this morning that lays out more details, it is worth a read.

What do you think?  Would you go to this extent to keep your dog or to get your dog back from an ex?

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