Wednesday, May 23

What Do Dogs Think?

Dogster brought us a story this morning that I was so excited to learn about!  Emory University is doing a study on dogs brains trying to find out exactly how their brain works and what they think.  I know I have my own opinions based on the way my dog interacts with me on how much he thinks and what he is "saying" to me with his actions and eyes.  I have thought for a long time that dogs can communicate with us on a much different level than we give them credit for and I certainly think they can understand our feelings and emotions. 

The video below explains the study and for all of you wondering, they are very humane to the dogs.  The whole point of the study is to examine the dogs brain while they are awake and not restrained.  So they have trained their first two subjects to get into the MRI and lay down and be still.  The video takes you through it all.  Very impressive and interesting!

I hope this study unlocks some doors and allows us to go into another level of understanding our K-9 companions.