Thursday, May 31

Two Bundles Of Joy Up For ADOPTION

I do not usually get involved in adoptions as I do not work for a shelter or rescue, but today I am.  An unusual and sad situation has come to my door step and I cannot help but try to help.  I have a client that has had a life change since getting her two amazing dogs.  This life change has left her no choice but to re-home her two dogs.  The whole story is below, please help if you can.  Forward this to everyone you know that might be interested or might know someone that is interested.   These two dogs are high energy and need an active life, but they are also extremely sweet and loving.  Part of the adoption will be at least two training sessions with me that are being transferred with the dogs, that will help the dogs get settled.

Lorca and Gitana were farewell surprises from Spain on a short trip my partner and I took there in 2010. By the Guadalquivir River in Seville, a young man approached us; his dog had given birth to a litter of 11 and he was out finding the newborns homes. In his pouch were the last two puppies that would then come back with us to the United States to bring us a joy and absolute love we had yet to experience. 
We've had a wonderful year and a half together in New York and now in Los Angeles. Unfortunately my new job requires me to spend most of my time away from home. These pups need a home where they will be loved and cared for all the time, preferably together; a home where their family is always present, where they will not have to sit in a kennel for many hours while everyone is at work. 
Lorca (the tan one) is an incredible character. She is earnest with her affections- she enjoys having her belly rubbed and warming your feet with her chin while you sit working and she dreams. She's quirky- it's a spectacle to watch her scramble under the bed; she's just the right size for the space- at 45 lbs, 28" tall, she just about fits. She also loves resting in the nook between your legs and the couch and taking a snooze. 
  Lorca relaxes indoors to conserve her energy for fun and games outdoors. Outside she loves to play fetch and run around with Gitana. They love competing for branches and playing tug-of-war. 
Gitana (the black one) is a beautiful lady (45 lbs, 28" tall), graceful and obedient. She sneaks in affection any time she gets; it is her prerogative to seek and offer warmth in every sense of the word. Like Lorca, Gitana is a calm indoor dog but knows how to get the best of an open field. She is a fetching pro- an impressive catcher, she glides toward the ball and leaps up to catch it in the air.
At home she loves to cuddle or lay her head on your lap to then sneakily crawl the rest of her body onto it. She understands cues, however, and slides right off If you're not in the mood.
Lorca and Gitana are the perfect home companions and outdoor playmates. They are 1 year, 8 months old, spayed, their vaccines are up-to-date, they are house-broken and they are trained to follow basic commands. 
Although these ladies are mutts (and litter mates), we did meet their mother and father when they were given to us. They were a lovely German Shepherd Lab and an Alaskan Malamute mutt. 
Again, I prefer not separating them but will consider doing so if there are extremely good homes that can only take one dog. I will provide travel carriers and all of their belongings. There will be in adoption fee to be discussed with interested families for the safety of the dogs.

Contact: Natalia
                (347) 542-2502

Please help find these two beauties a home!  They will make great companions for a person or couple that lead a somewhat active lifestyle and can give these two the love and attention that they will return to you.  Feel free to contact Natalia directly or you can also get in touch with me by giving me a BARK!

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