Wednesday, May 16

Spring Fever Pooch Parade Fun!

Last night's Spring Fever Pooch Parade was one of the best to date.  We had a group of made up of mainly small dogs with fear issues, but boy did those little guys and girls work!  All of the doggie parents did a great job of staying in the moment with their dogs and working through each exercise no matter how big of a challenge.  But above all, we had so much fun!

We started in Little Tokyo, where the traffic on the sidewalks and streets are a little heavy.  All of the dogs really stuck by their owners and we felt like stars as the visitors in the Little Tokyo Village broke out cameras to photograph us as we made our way through.

Next, we made our way over to the quieter side of Downtown, the Arts District.  It was nice to use a normal speaking voice and everyone could hear, as a matter of fact, our group was the loudest sound at one point!

Finally, we ended the night with to-go bags from Pussy & Pooch that were filled with goodies that they donated and a few extra treats from me and we sat down for yummy treats from Urth Caffe.

The dogs did so great and I watched the socialization work pay off as the night went on.  This is to date one of the best groups we had in the terms that everyone was there to work and have fun and boy did we!  At the end I stood looking at the group with a big smile because I was SO PROUD of each one!!

Congratulations Pooch Paraders, you did great and I can't wait for the next one!  Neville and I hope to see you there!