Friday, August 5

Best Of: Fun Friday

This is a personal favorite of mine!  For one, I was in such a bad mood and thought about doing this big rant instead of "Fun Friday".  But instead, my dog did something silly and it made me think of this video that I had recently become obsessed with, so I watched it and realized that had to be the blog that day.  So, I hope this brings you a joyful day as it continues to lift my mood often or just make me laugh. 

As I walked around my neighborhood this morning I was angered by all the fliers, food and other miscellanous trash that was scattered throughout all the sidewalks from last night's Art Walk.  I love that the event brings so many to Downtown, I just wish they would respect our neighborhood, afterall, we live here!

So in an effort to put myself in a better mood and to share something that has had me laughing for the past two weeks since a friend forwarded it to me, I decided to keep today light and fun.  There is a Youtube video that is viral that I just have to share.  I am sure you have all seen it by now since I have seen it on Facebook, GMA, and so many people have emailed it to me.  But I just can't get enough!  It is the Ultimate Dog Tease.

The dog's face is just so adorable and the voice over matches perfectly.  I hope this sends you into the weekend on a happy and fun note.

Happy Friday!  Have a fun and safe weekend and don't forget to do something fun with your dog.