Tuesday, August 2

Best Of: Summer Strut Pooch Parade

Today is the beginning of my "vacation", so I have decided that I will do a best of for my blog.  So be sure to stay tuned to see all the amazing topics we have covered and fun we have had.

I am going to start out with the Pooch Parade announcement.  Even though the event hasn't happened yet, I have a feeling this will be the best one yet!  I launched the Summer Strut Pooch Parade one week ago today at the 5th Annual Dog Day Afternoon and officially announced it on this blog the next morning and spots are filling up fast!   So make sure you RSVP today!

Summer time is here, so grab your dog and come celebrate in Downtown!  It brings me great pleasure to announce Bark & Clark's Summer Pooch Parade!

Please join us for Summer Strut Pooch Parade on August 16th @ 7pm.  This parade will be back in the Historical Core, strutting through our tree-lined streets, practicing good manners and stopping in at Pussy & Pooch for a break and fabulous & tasty snack.  After our stroll and lesson, it's our turn for adult refreshments and treats at the fantastic Portofino's on Main.

Aside from the obvious we'll all have, this is a great opportunity to learn about how to handle your dog downtown and in general with other dogs and humans.  This workshop's focus is on basic obedience to help your dog focus on you - not the innumerable distractions around. We'll also work  on manners specific to the city, such as sitting at all intersections before crossing; sitting for introductions and the proper way to greet other dogs.  Last but certainly not least, we address the ongoing battle of teaching owners the proper places to potty their dog and how to clean it up!

We teach Uptown manners for Downtown dogs! This class is so fun, it's more like an outing... So let's take a stroll through the city and focus on doggy's ability to deal with the public, the lively city and all the other pooches out and about.

I am so excited about this Pooch Parade, I hope I will see you all there!  Be sure to RSVP by August 12th because space is limited. $40

To sign up for our next Pooch Parade, give us a bark:  Bark!