Wednesday, August 10

Best Of: Neville's Notes

Neville's Notes

Of Course I could not do a "Best Of" and not include Neville's Notes.  This is a blog segment I have been constantly reminded about, mainly by Neville.  He has been quite since his first segment debuted in April.  But I promise, he is getting ready to talk again, he is just saving up his material.  This was a fun segment for me (and my brave guy).  When I re-read it, I couldn't help but laugh, smile and cry a little.  My Neville has come so far and he gives me far more than I will ever be able to give him.  Some may call him broken, I just call him perfect.  Enjoy... 
I promised you all a new segment would be debuting this week, Neville's Notes.  A blog about dogs, downtown and everything around from one dog's perspective.  I have asked Neville to basically be my guest blogger from time to time so that you all can track his progress, but you can hear it from him.  It is with great pleasure that I present the very first Neville's Notes to you today.  Take it away my sweet boy!

Neville's Notes
Hello and welcome to Neville's Notes.  Mommy (Tamara) told me that you all know who I am and that she use to write about me, so you know a little about my history and how I came to live with her and Daddy (Adam).  Well, I will pick up where I know she left off and also where everything changed for me.  Daddy had went away for a long time, I remember having lots of time alone with mommy, except for Cowboy of course.   I really liked that, but I missed Daddy a lot and didn't know if he would come back. Then one night, mommy loaded me in her car and we went to that weird place with all the people, cars and things in the sky and her car stopped and suddenly Daddy opened the back of the car.  I was so excited I tried to jump out the back to get to him.  He got in the car and I licked him and smelled him and told him how much I loved him.  In that moment I felt it all change... this was my home, these were my people.
From there life continued as it was before Daddy went on his trip.  I was given lots of love, but we also did a lot of work.  Daddy continued to take me to classes, the instructor said I was the brightest in class.  Mommy continued working on helping me with the scary things on the streets and all the people.  For some reason people like to look at me and try to touch me, but Mommy always keeps me safe and tells me what a brave boy I am.  I love it when I touch something with my nose and she tells me I am brave!  I always look up at her to make sure it was the right thing, she is always smiling, so I must be doing it right.
Mommy and I are still doing Nosework, which I really like!  It is so much fun to sniff for the odor and get all the yummy treats.  I just got a new collar too, so now I look really good.  I like to show it off to everyone in class, they are nice people like Mommy, so I try to say hello to them and let them pet me.  
I also have made good friends, both human and K-9.  It is hard with the humans, I am not always sure I should trust them.  They seem nice, but I really prefer them to have a dog with them so I can talk to the dog and make sure they are okay.  Once I get a confirmation from their K-9 companion, I am usually okay.  I also am starting to understand, Mommy and Daddy protect me, they only let nice people around me.
Last Monday was the greatest day of all, Mommy signed adoption papers for me. Then I got a new leather collar and tags with my name on it.  I am so happy!  I finally belong somewhere.  I am in a home with a family that loves me how I am.  The best part is that I think I really make them happy too.  I just wish Mommy wouldn't kiss and hug me all the time, it is embarrassing in front of my friends, but I like it when it is just us
The best part of my new home is all the new and exciting things I get to do.  Mommy and Daddy work really hard with me, I work really hard too, but I like the work.  I keep doing new things that I never thought I could do before or sometimes even knew existedNext time I will tell you about some of these.
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed my first Neville's Notes!

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