Wednesday, August 24

Hot, Hot, Hot

The weather is getting hotter and your pooches are going to feel it.  I know we are in the middle of summer so it is expected to be hot, but I like to remind you all to think of it from your pup's perspective.  Remember they are not just dealing with the heat coming down from the sun, they are also dealing with the heat coming up through the ground.  So, below please find my top tips on how to keep your dog cool and safe for the remainder of the summer.

  • If it is hot outside, your car becomes an oven! Please don't ever leave your dog in the car unattended with no air. Even if you crack your windows, your car will heat up to dangerous temperatures if you leave your dog in there for long periods of time. 15 minutes can be enough in high heat to do damage to your pup. 

  • Water, Water, Water! While out walking or hiking make sure you are stopping every 15 minutes to water your pooch.  Make sure you have a portable bowl so you can have water anywhere.
  • Cool your pooch!  If your pooch overheats easily, you have a young pup, you do a lot of outdoor activities with your dog or you just want to give your pooch a break, having a cooling pad, cooling vest or cooling collar is the way to go.
  • Paw relief!  Most of our adult dogs have pads that are weathered enough to stand the heat of living in Southern California, but for pups or dogs new to this climate covering their paws might be the way to go.  You can cover them with dog boots or slather them with paw wax to give them the protection they need.
  • Fun in the water!  We live in Southern California, enjoy the beach!  Take your dog to an off leash or on leash dog beach and let them play in the water.  Allowing for a little pool time is always great as well, if your dog likes to swim or let them wade around in a kiddie pool.  Lastly, you could visit the dog water park.  Any of this water time will be a great way to cool down and have fun.

There are many more ways to keep your dogs cool, like air conditioning, fans, shade and doggie ice cream, but the list above will get you started.  The whole point is to think about your dogs too, not just how to beat the heat for yourself.  Besides just beating the heat, you may end up having a fun play day with your dog!

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