Wednesday, August 31

An Unspeakable Crime Towards A Dog

I was emailed this story last night from my sister, which hits close to home, literally.  The place this story took place was a neighboring town to where I grew up.  This really makes me sick and I hope there are steep consequences for the person that did this.

In Oliverhurst,  California a man by the name of Wayne McFee was seen by neighbors dragging his American Bulldog, Baby, behind his truck with a rope wrapped around her neck.  The rope broke when he stopped the truck and put it in reverse and ran over the dog, then fled the seen.  

The good news is that Baby was put in the helping hands of One More Dog Rescue and is on her way to recovery.  Though her badly broken leg and tail will have to be amputated.  Despite her injuries, Baby seems to be a sweet girl and is ready to find her forever home.  You can soon adopt Baby by contacting One More Dog Rescue.

As for Wayne McFee, he was arrested on animal cruelty charges and is awaiting his day in court.  In the mean time, his friend James Morrison is coming to his defense saying that McFee didn’t intentionally hurt the dog and only panicked when he realized how bad Baby’s injuries were.  “He should have went back,” Morrison said. “He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, he really doesn’t.”

I personally can't understand why you would leave your dog in a street so badly injured if in fact it was just an accident.  You can see the full story below, but part of what Morrison is saying is that Baby jumped out of the back of the truck and McFee had no idea he was dragging her.  No explanation as to why he backed up over her.  But then once he realized what happened he panicked and left.  

It just makes no sense.  My father had this happen to him more than once on his farm in rural Missouri, our dog (not tethered) jumped out of the back of his truck trying to chase a rabbit or bird and the response was to immediately stop and get the dog back in.  No backing up or just leaving the dog.  Even if the dog is hurt, isn't that more reason to stop, secure your dog and rush to the vet?  I am not buying this defense.  I think this is a person that doesn't value the life of this sweet dog, maybe it went too far, but I think he absolutely meant to drag her.  I hope he now has to pay for this hideous crime.

To watch the full story, view the video below.