Thursday, August 18

Dog Thrown Out Of Car Needs Help

Dogster brought us a story yesterday that just broke my heart and infuriated me at the same time.  It was about a dog they now call Mystery.  Apparently, a vacationing couple that were driving near Colorado Springs, Colo., witnessed the car in front of them slow down and someone threw a small dog onto the busy highway.
The couple put on their brakes and got out of their car. One stopped traffic while the other approached the dog to try to help her. She wasn’t moving, so they wrapped her in a blanket and brought her to the Teller County Animal Shelter.
The 13-pound terrier mix was unable to walk, or even stand, and a veterinary evaluation revealed that she was suffering from several fractures in her pelvis. She also had a previous break in one of her legs.
The shelter is a small one that is stretched for funds, and this little doggy is causing some unexpected expenses. If you’d like to donate even a few dollars for her continued care, go to the shelter’s website. Mystery will be in foster care in a while, and then will be available for adoption, should you be looking for a forever friend. If by chance you happen to know someone who had a dog with Mystery’s unique markings and suddenly and inexplicably doesn’t have the dog, I’m sure the shelter would like to hear from you as well…
If any of you can help or provide a home for this little girl, please get in touch with the shelter.  She is going to need some major TLC, but I bet if put with the right person, she would be great.