Wednesday, August 3

Best Of: Top Ten Dog Friendly Cities

Every year puts out their Top 10 dog friendly cities and I always look forward to seeing which cities are chosen and why.  I thought since we are entering August and last minute vacations are still being planned, why not include this as one of our "best of's".  Maybe you will see a place that inspires a vacation with the pooch!  Enjoy. has put out their Top 10 Dog Friendly Cities for 2011.  Before I run down the list, let me explain how this was determined.  Because if you are like me you were looking for certain cities that never appeared.  So this is how they determined this year's list:  Number of Dog Parks, Number of Major Pet Stores, Approximate Number of Vets, Pet Friendly Events, and Pet Policies of Note.

Based on the criteria listed above, here are's Top 10 Dog Friendly Cities:

     10.  Phoenix, Arizona

       9.  Sacramento, California

       8.  Fort Worth, Texas

       7.  Charlotte, North Carolina

       6.  Tucson, Arizona

       5.  Denver, Colorado

       4.  Minneapolis, Minnesota

       3.  Seattle, Washington

       2.  Dallas, Texas

       1.  San Diego, California

So, if you are planning a vacation with your pooch in the US for this summer, here are the cities that (based on the above criteria) would be the friendliest to visit.

To see the details of each city chosen, bark on the link:  Bark!