Monday, August 1

How Much Is That Doggy In The Window...

The cute puppy in the window costs quite a lot.... and not just money!  Dogster Blog had a great blog Friday, it is a call to action for all of us dog lovers.  The blog was to make us aware of a new campaign the ASPCA has started to discourage people from buying puppy mill puppies at pet stores.  Below is the heart of the blog, read it and decide if it is time for you to get involved.

...apparently there is a huge disconnect in a staggering number of people’s heads when it comes to puppy mills and pet stores. Many are aware of the harsh conditions at the puppy plants but don’t realize they wind up turning into the cogs in the mill machine when they pay for that cute puppy in the window. It’s only later, when they run into the typical genetic or behavioral/socialization problems that they realize their mistake. (Please note: I am aware that not ALL mill dogs display these issues, but that does not excuse the conditions under which they were born and raised, etc.)
A few days ago, the ASPCA released the results of a poll they’d commissioned Lake Research Partners to conduct on their behalf. From it, these two eye-widening numbers emerged: apparently 78% of consumers don’t know that most pet store puppies come from puppy mills. The poll also found that 80 percent of consumers would not purchase a puppy if they knew the animal came from a mill.
Putting two and two together, the ASPCA has launched the No Pet Store Puppies campaign. At the heart of it is a pledge — and whether you’re a dog, cat, chinchilla or iguana parent, I urge you to take it along with me and encourage friends and family to do the same. The pledge is simple, here’s what mine looked like:

I hope you all take the pledge!  My goal is not to put pet stores out of business, it is to only allow the safe and humane treatment of animals.

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