Friday, November 19

A Bit Of Fun



This week has been an emotional roller coaster with the re-launching of my website and feeling that high to having to report on two heart breaking stories about dogs wrongfully losing their lives and feeling those absolute lows.  I wanted to do something really fun and really happy today to send you all into the weekend with a smile.  
Below are two of the happiest videos I have seen in quite some time!  The first is a friend of mine, Atlas,  just playing in the grass.  The second is actually Bark & Clark's first web commercial, the stars are Atlas and another friend of mine, Ruby.  They sure did have a great day of filming.  They are both two of the sweetest and fun pups I know.
Check out these two videos and I hope to bring you more of our own creations at a later time.  Happy Friday and I hope these make you smile and laugh as much as they make me.

To view more of Bark & Clark's friends, check out our website:  Bark!