Friday, November 12

New Lease On Life

Do you remember Mia, the Rottweiler that was euthanized and then woke up?  Well, Mia got a second chance at life and it is going well for her.  The 11-year-old dog touched people around the world with her botched euthanization story and as a result donations starting pouring in to her owner, Matt Olivarez, to help pay for her much needed medical attention.  Mia is now living mostly a pain free life and is going to live the rest of her years on a farm just outside of Detroit.  The Olivarez's are facing foreclosure and financial difficulty and are being forced to move to a small apartment in Detroit that does not allow pets.  Though there were other offers to re-home her, Olivarez decided to go with a family that he knows.  They have an 8 acre farm with other Rottweiler's and wish to remain anonymous.  It sounds like Mia is going to have a great retirement home.  I was so happy to see this follow up, I have thought about Mia often and what her owner would do.  Matt Olivarez said there was no way he could go through euthanizing her again, once was hard enough.  Thanks to caring people around the world, he didn't have to.


To view the whole story, bark on the link:  Bark!