Tuesday, November 16

A New Look For Bark & Clark

The past 30 days (maybe a little more) we have been hard at work to make a few changes to recharge our look.  Last night it all came together and we went live with our refreshed website.  You may have noticed a little bit of an updated look here too.  I am so over the moon with our redesign of the website, I never knew I could be so excited by this.  This whole experience was amazing.  Yes, it was a lot of work, but I have two of the best people to work with on this project.  They prefer to stay in the background but I just have to mention them once because they are the creative genius' that I could not have done this without.  Thank you to my website architect Adam and to my out of this world designer CJ.  I promised no more, so I will leave it at a simple thank you.

I'm sure you are looking at the new images on this page, I want to take a moment to explain one in particular, the Pooch Parade.  This is a one night class for you and your dog to learn some uptown manners in our downtown world.  It is a bit of fun mixed with some education, my website goes into a lot more detail, but I hope to see a few of you at the holiday Pooch Parade.

We are so proud of our new look and new function of the website.  It really is a true representation of Bark & Clark.

Check out the new look of Bark & Clark:  Bark!