Friday, November 5

Helpful Dog

I have been alarmed lately at some of the requests and expectations some of my clients have for their dogs.  Everything from expecting a 5-month-old German Shepard puppy to just magically be perfect after a few weeks of class to not understanding why a 1-year-old Lab won't walk perfectly on the leash or "just be calm" when he is only getting 30 minutes of walks per day.  Both of these examples are the owner not really understanding the dog that they own.  Which, to me is really unfortunate, it can sometimes lead to awful behavior.  Thankfully, these owners are in class and I have faith they will get it.
When I saw this video, it immediately made me think of every high drive dog I know and how wonderful it would be if all the owners that complain of their dogs tearing up things, chewing, digging, or generally just causing trouble could focus their dog like Jesse.  This is a dear little dog and it gave me so many ideas for my own dog (when I get him).  I hope on this Friday, you sit back and enjoy this little guy doing his thing.  Most of all, I hope it inspires you to train your own dog a new trick or two... and it doesn't necessarily have to be useful.

Have a happy weekend.