Thursday, November 11

Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day so as we are remembering those that we lost and thanking those that have served, let's also remember the dogs that have served by them and thank the dogs that are currently serving our veterans.  I think we have all seen many stories about our veterans that come home not as whole as they left.  That could be because of a physical injury or mental injury such as PTSD, whatever the case a service dog is often the answer.  I know that I get on this kick all too often about my complete fascination and awe of service dogs, but it is truly amazing what they do.  Not just the picking up of canes or pill bottles or turning on and off of lights, but the emotional support and in cases protection they give to their companion.  They live for them, every second of every day they live to support their human.  It is a special gift. 
Dogster's blog today is really a great tribute.  In addition to this video, I hope you visit Dogster today to help pay homage to our 4-legged service friends.

For the full Dogster story, bark on the link:  Bark!