Monday, November 29

Don't Forget Gifts For Your Pooch

Have you had enough shopping yet?  Well, we are just getting started into this season and with the countdown to Christmas happening everywhere you look, there is a lot more shopping to do.  When you are out getting presents for friends and family, don't forget your four-legged friends and family.  The Bark put out their Holiday Gifts Guide and not only can you find great things for your dog, you might find a couple of things for yourself too.
This guide doesn't represent everything that is out there of course, but it can give you some great ideas. I really like The Bark, they always do great research on the products.  There is everything in there from beds to books to charms or even stocking stuffers.  The best part about buying for your pup is they will most likely love whatever you get them, just because it is from you!

To view the Gifts Guide, bark on the link:  Bark!