Tuesday, November 2

Remember To Vote Today

Yes I did vote this morning, no matter how painful it was.  Okay it wasn't painful, but it took a lot of patience.  The hardest thing is to deal with the lack of organization and not take your frustration out on the volunteers that work in the polling place.  For the most part this is not a problem, but it took a little something extra for me this morning when I arrived at the polling place only to learn that there was no list of names, no polling booths and no books to mark the ballots from and the "organizer" yelling at people as they walked in.  Luckily for me and my boyfriend, I brought my sample ballot book so at least I had what I needed to mark the ballot.  The polling place did have emergency provisional ballots, so I did get to vote.
I know this isn't very inspiring for those of you trying to find a reason not to go to the polls, but even with all of this, it took less than 20 minutes to get in and out.  Exercise your democratic right and go vote today.

Have a wonderful day!