Tuesday, November 23

Dogs Finding Truffles

Since we are all in the mood to think about food and I love stories about dogs using their noses because I find it so fascinating, I thought this online LA Times story was perfect for today.  But it really threw me!  I always thought pigs were the ones to go truffle hunting but that is no longer true.  Now your dog can join in on the fun too.  As part of the sixth-annual Oregon Truffle Festival in Eugene, held Jan. 28-30, you and your pooch can take a two-day "Truffle Dog Training Seminar." Taught by truffle-dog handler Jim Sanford of the Blackberry Farm Resort in Walland, Tenn.  The class teaches both dog and the handler "how to find truffles in woodlands and truffle orchards across the continent."  
Last year a dog found 70 truffles that were cooked up in the Grand Truffle Dinner that night.

For more information on the Truffle Festival, bark on the link: Bark!